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  • NOKIA Lumia 920, HTC 8X, LG Nexus 4 Mobile Phones etc. wireless Charger QI Standard.
    Wireless Charger Plate for NOKIA Lumia 920, HTC 8X, LG Nexus 4 Mobile Phones etc. Qi-enabled Inductive Charger
    Our Wireless charger has strictly met the standard by the QI(Wireless Power Consortium) ,it will work for all the devices which have QI -Enabled Features.
    Features and Functions

    Universal Charging: The Inductive Charger has Qi, the new universal standard for charging. You can charge any Qi-enabled device including mobile phones, cameras and comcorders and so on today, tomorrow and beyond.
    Large Qi Charging Zone: large zone for wireless charging.
    Freedom of Placement: No annoying magnets to align or secret spots to find in order to charge your device.
    Indicator Lights: On when you’re charging, off when you’re full.
    Intelligent Induction: Prevents overcharging with standby mode once you’re fully charged.
    USB Port: Charge a third device, with or without Qi
    Power Source: AC Adaptor plugs into charging pad; no plugs needed for devices with Qi-enabled sleeve or door.
    Technical Specification for the Qi Inductive Charger
    Input: Direct Current 5V 1.5A
    Power: 5W
    Charging Current: 500-1000mAh
    Wireless distance: 5mm

    How should I go about setting up the charger?
    1. Connect the power supply to the Qi inductive charger using the power cable provided. Ensure that the connectors are firmly secured.
    2. There will be an indicator light and a ‘beep’ sound from the Qi inductive charger if the set up is successful.
    How should do I start charging my Qi enabled devices?
    1. Place your phone on the Qi inductive charger.

    2. If there’s a green indication light from the charger, the phone is charging wirelessly. However, if there isn’t any green indicator light, move your device to the center of the charger. This should commence the charging process.

    3. Kindly note that if the distance between the phone and Qi inductive charger is more than 4cm, the phone may not charge. Should this happens, it’s advisable to remove the case on your phone to commence the charging process.

    Package Contents: 1. A universal QI charging Plate.
    2. A Qi wireless receiver (if needed).
    3. Power Cord Cable according to the country.
    Please be sure to tell us your device/mobile phone\'s model number when you place the order,becasue some models need the Qi wireless receiver. Note: All the devices or mobile phones along with the Qi wireless receiver don\'t need the wireless receiver separately any more.
  • SAMSUNG Galaxy S3(I9300/I9308): A Qi wireless receiver is required
    SAMSUNG Galaxy NOTE2(N7100/N7102): A Qi wireless receiver is required
    SAMSUNG Galaxy NOTE3: A wireless receiver is required or not is to be announced.
    SAMSUNG Galaxy S4: A Qi wireless receiver is required.

    NOKIA Lumia 925 : A Qi wireless receiver is required.
    NOKIA Lumia 720 : A Qi wireless receiver is required.
    NOKIA Lumia 820 : A interchangeable cover with wireless charging components built-in is needed.

    IPHONE4/IPHONE4S : A Qi wireless charging cover is required.
    IPHONE5: A Qi wireless charging cover is required.
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